Photography provided by Brian McHugh and Mike Boden

ShopSquawk fills the void found in the education industry regarding the lack of realistic entrepreneurial studies and non-status quo financial literacy.


Our Mission

ShopSquawk! is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). Our Mission is to provide education and training (STEAM, safety, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business management), life skills, community internships, and real world challenges, providing youth the opportunity for advancement, pride in accomplishment, recognition, and a higher standard of living regardless of traditional educational achievements.

501(c)(3), EIN 47-2612464, DLN 17053049345035
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  • Responsibility – We embrace subjects not be found in traditional education.
  • We embrace empowerment and positive attitude in achievement.
  • We focus on financial success characteristics developed by understanding the 'system'.
  • We focus on the importance of action and learning by doing.
  • We aim to present learning opportunities that cannot be better performed by a computer. 
  • Collaboration – Opportunity to network.
  • Challenge – Courses are accompanied by challenges!
  • Volunteerism – We offer opportunity for others to serve beyond themselves.