Responding to Prospects – Basic Overview

When you meet a prospect (someone who might become a customer), or receive an email or phone call, answer it as quickly as possible, preferably with a good attitude! Remember, people buy people first! 

Answering the phone isn't just for inmates anymore!

Answering the phone isn't just for inmates anymore!

Responding to Prospects Incoming Requests for Service, Information, or Purchase

If the administrative assistant is screening the calls, then make sure that they determine quickly whether the client is valid, and forward the call. If the call goes to voicemail, make sure you have an automatic notification set up that will email you or text you and other partners you may be doing business with. Google Voice is an incredible service… and it’s free. USE IT! In any case, you must return the call AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE.

Prospects have NO patience and will be calling someone else DIRECTLY AFTER THEY CALL YOU.


You will miss out on a possible sale if you do not internalize this. Obviously, promptly responding to prospects is something to want focus on!

If your business happens to outsource (use other companies or independent contractors to perform the actual service you’re advertising), you may choose to turn the job directly over to the contractor, or to first gather all information from the customer, then, forward the information to the contractor. At that point, the contractor who has been assigned the job will make personal contact with the customer and come to an agreement as to the particulars and to exchange phone numbers.

If you are using an independent contractor (depending on what agreement you have with them), once the job has been assigned do the following:

  • Call the customer and introduce yourself.
  • Confirm that you are their point of contact. 
  • Obtain the client’s email and address and contact number if has not already been provided via an email invitation/request that you have received from the owner/operator. 


Greeting your Customer in Person or Phone

When you are responding to prospect or contacted directly by a customer, greet them in the following way:

“Hello and thank you for calling “YOUR COMPANY”. This is “YOUR NAME”, how are you today?”

Customers will usually begin by asking how your service works OR product questions.

Explain politely, always reminding them that their inquiry is ‘a great question’… whether it is or not.

You may then proceed with an explanation of your prices, rates or details.

Once they express an interest for your service or product you should ASSUME THAT THE SALE IS DONE.  Ask them for their information, in this order:

  1. Their name and phone number.
  2. Credit card number or other transactional information to complete the sale.
  3. Details
  4. Get their name and ask them how they heard about you (you need to know where to spend money on advertising, so this is crucial).
Answer nicely as you never know who might be calling!

Answer nicely as you never know who might be calling!