ShopSquawk's most awe inspiring projects and programs...

I See Your Greatness - Restoring The Greatness of America’s communities one at a time

Awarding Community Builders, Entrepreneurs, Local Artists, Educators, Civic Leaders and Social Influencers in YOUR Community. Celebrate & Engage w/Local Business Leaders, Entertainers, Movers & Shakers in Your Backyard. Sign up today.


Minnow tank - 'Eat or be eaten'. learn how to navigate in a realistic way. learn the system. seriously answer the question of whether you'd be better suited as a slouch, rentier, or innovator.

Minnow Tank does many things besides holding a contest for business ideas to be reviewed and refined. We are a program that balances real system literacy, financial literacy and entrepreneurial learning. What good is a business if your financial sense, horse sense, and economic sense is off at a party? Heck, some of us should never be an entrepreneur! Network with peers and icons during our events; ‘I See Your Greatness’ & Local Swag Youth Community Interview Programs.



Local Swag - Cutting interviews by Youth

Youth interview the soul of the community. Interviews with community builders, thought leaders and social influencers including successful athletes, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, civic leaders.

nextgen fest - Leadership launchpad

Events blending the best of robotics, virtual reality (VR), music, leadership, and career shadowing.