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In the 1980’s (about 170 years ago), the statement was “perception is reality” in other words “sell the sizzle”. This reflects the power marketing once had to influence prospects about a product. Today, reality is REALITY thanks to the availability of user reviews of just about everything in cyberspace.

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introducing bti. - 'before the internet'

BtI (Before the Internet) a company could achieve a perception that their offering was superior with a less than stellar product using creative advertising, sales muscle and many other psycho-marketing techniques.

Some companies grew rich on “vaporware” but those days are over now.The product/service has not only to be great but be the best through the informed opinion of knowledgeable users. This is the 21st century corporate, global world – the planet is full of “knowledgeable users” – who demand the finest products, per se, rather than settling for products with persuasive marketing, sales or advertising. The buyers now KNOW, what was in the past, the salesperson’s private world. Thanks largely to the internet and the information explosion, most competitive product and service equivalents are exposed for what they can really do for the customer in real time.


Still, gag products, gadgets, and novel ideas can have their day. Just be aware that the lifespan of such products and services are short.