Business Timing – When to Launch Overview

Being early to a market is a slower death than being late to a market.

Either way, if the timing of the offering is well off the market opportunity, failure is highly probable. It is not difficult to get market and/or product timings wrong. Most Venture Capitalists have stories of great ideas that suffered from nothing more than abysmal timing.

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In surfing or sailing seeing the big wave is too late, you will have probably missed it. Timing the BIG wave is about proper anticipation within the context of many other waves. By the time the success of a Tecso or an EasyJet is generally recognized, the opportunity to ride that wave has long gone. Forward thinking or thinking ‘outside the box’ or just ‘gut feel’ and intuition is the mark of many a successful business person like Richard Branson et al. 

It can also be too early, even with a great product and a well defined market, timing remains critical.

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A classic example of such a product was called in 1997: offered an online private space for teenagers where they could create their own web space, invite friends, have an email address, and enjoy a customized radio station. It was well executed but way too early, FaceBook arrived later with the benefit of market and product advancements at the right time. Wrong decisions at the right time trumps right decisions at the wrong time.

If a company’s market timing is way off, the venture won’t live long enough to see its day in the sun. 

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