Business Success Overview

Get it through your big cranium that you should learn how to succeed in business before starting one.

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are you an amoeba?

Your commitment to understanding the system, along with the basics of business needs to be an amoeba that permeates all of your thoughts, actions, plans and attitudes. If it doesn’t, the product or service you bring isn’t going to go far. You don't want your venture to experience a tragic ending! Your business success depends on moving forward with realistic mentorship!

Mentorship is different than advice! Mentorship provides ‘council’ from someone who has done the process before. Advice… well, you can get that from a toadstool, carnie, or person off the street.
— A carnival worker

Look who's in the water with you!

O.K., have you heard of the fancy pants term called ‘Knowledge Engineering’? It’s emerged as a way of evaluating the challenges in the current global economic sea of ‘Great White’ Corporate Predators (huh?… you’ll get to understand soon).

The mix of skills required to survive in today’s commercial environment is huge. We begin this course with a blunt, grungy lesson on how to file the right papers with the correct agencies. Once you’re done with that, we’ll follow up with a gaggle of great lessons to assist you on your way. If you’re serious, then read ALL of the lessons. Pay attention to the selection of decision-making positions within your business. Regardless of size, it’s the single most relevant factor in your future business success or failure.

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Hire and surround yourself with people who are SMARTER AND MORE ABLE THAN YOU!
— Someone dumber than you who's successful

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be like dr.seuss... huh... what?

One of the best-known authors of all-time is Dr. Seuss.  However, if Theodor Geisel would have quit writing and given up when he could not find support for his work, Dr. Seuss would not have become a household name and no one would have ever known the “Grinch Stole Christmas”.  Geisel’s first book, “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was rejected by 27 publishers.  Maybe discouraged, maybe frustrated but Geisel just kept writing and eventually his storied career resulted in 60 children’s books, 11 television specials, 3 feature film, a Broadway musical and an Academy Award for a documentary feature.  What are your great dreams?  Write them down!  You will face rejection, disappointment, and discouragement in the pursuit of your dreams and ambitions.  They have no meaning unless you allow them to!  What are you going to do today to pursue your great dream?  Don’t let anything rob you of your passion.  Your choice!  Make it a great day!    Impactful Notes

People buy People first, Product second

Come with us and imagine that $=DNA! After all… real money is supposed to represent your life’s energy and labor… right?

Come with us and imagine that $=DNA! After all… real money is supposed to represent your life’s energy and labor… right?