Business Operations Dispatch & Task Systems – Bootstrap Method Overview

Will your new business need a dispatch or a task system for outside contractors? If so… read on. If not… go get yourself a granola bar and take another lesson.

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low hanging fruit...

Although you are free to use any method you choose for communicating information with your contractors, assistants, or drivers, ShopSquawk highly recommends using Google Calendar. Via this calendar and task system, it is easy to send an invitation called an “invite” to a contractor, which they will need to accept through this calendar system. Upon acceptance, the calendar system will send the pertinent information.

If you don’t have money falling out of your ears when you bend over to tie your shoes, then Google Calendar is great because it’s FREE.

bonehead details

When using Google calendar, contractors and dispatch must accept an invitation to let you know they have accepted. Depending on your arrangement with the independent contractor, the time for accepting or declining may vary.

Upon acceptance of the task by the dispatch or independent contractor, Google Calendar will send you (or your dispatcher) an email and/or text with the response.

Note: Contractors SHOULD NOT have log-in access to your Google Calendar, they will have their own Google Calendar and Google Email.